Elections occur in May 2017

We invite all the Members to attend and make their voices heard.

Here we would like to thank the current leadership for its year of service to our local chapter.


Commander:  Bill Mott
Vice Commander:  Don DiCostanzo
2nd Vice Commander:  Jack MacPherson
Treasurer:  Fred Overton

Current Officers:

Bill Mott

Bill Mott

Fred Overton

Fred Overton

Camera Dave

Dave Bahns
Post Historian

Don di Costanzo

Don Di Costanzo
Vice Commander

Nice guy Jack

Jack MacPherson
2nd Vice Commander

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We wish to thank the men and women who have given their time and energy to helping run the Hall and its numerous events during the past year. Each officer is a volunteer, and elections are held each year to put in a slate of new officers to manage the hall.